Thursday, July 26, 2012

City is hopelessly adrift under Mallory/Dohoney leadership

A funny thing happened on the way to socialist Nirvana in Cincinnati -- nothing at all.

Mark Mallory first won the Mayorship in 2005, and since that time he has slowly consolidated his hold on City Hall, culminating with a crowning victory for his last two years as Mayor (before term-limited), with the election of a 7-person Council majority completely subservient to his whims -- what we call the Batshit Crazy Council.

And then reality set in -- they ran out of other people's money.

Last month, Council choked on the Mallory/Dohoney demand for a massive property tax increase (giving him a significantly smaller one) and rescinded the vote to give the City Manager his $4.4 million crystal cathedral at City Hall.

Then, Laure Quinlivan got sidetracked into a drive to change the nickname of Cincinnati (as if Council is in charge of nicknames, what a fool!) and the new police chief is sidetracked into a prolonged fight over whether he has to take the Peace Officer's test that every Ohio cop must take.

And in the meantime, the Streetcar is stalled, some six months after groundbreaking (more on that shortly).

Yes, with 15 months left in his Mayorship, the ship of state for Cincinnati is adrift and rudderless, and the power appears to have been cut to the engines.

Cincinnati voters, as we have said, are so hopelessly screwed it is not funny, except that they richly deserve what they have -- they voted for it.

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