Monday, July 16, 2012

Harry Reid: In 1776, was it 56 angry white men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Angry white men.  That's what Harry Reid accuses opponents of President Barack Obama of being.  We are not sure what part of that is bad.

 The color of our skin.  As The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King asked some 49 years ago, we would like to be judged on the content of our character rather than the color of our skin.  Fair enough.  Further, not all conservatives are white, although we long for greater diversity in the conservative cause.

Male.  Again, this is an immutable characteristic that was given to us before birth and there are plenty of females in the conservative cause.  Again, we can't change who we are, and have no desire to do so or apologize for our genetic makeup. 

Angry:  Not sure what this means.  Does this mean motivated enough about national affairs to get our of our lounge chair and do something about it? Does that mean being sufficiently upset about the state of national affairs to spend hard-earned money, and precious time electing someone we believe in?

Were those 56 men who risked life, liberty and property angry when they signed the Declaration of Independence -- angry?  We suppose that picking up a musket, leaving your family and risking one's life is a display of anger.  But more likely it was a carefully considered decision to take great risks in exchange for the great reward of freedom.

COASTers are passionate about local, state and national affairs, so much so that we protect, petition, blog, do research, write, make press releases, engage in grass roots organizing and vote.  Angry?  What is the point of ascribing emotion -- perhaps accusing us of irrational emotion.

The point is that conservatives, Republicans (not always the same thing), independents and many democrats are extraordinarily motivated to take back America from forces that advance a set of values alien to those we hold dear.

Angry?  White?  Males?

For what should we apologize?  Not only is the claimed demographic of those who want change in this Country wrong, it is also deeply offensive.

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