Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Corruption in Arlington Heights -- Speed trap

Throughout Ohio, a number of communities have elected to be "speed traps," locales where through aggressive traffic enforcement, confusing speed limit signs, and downright sneaky behavior, they fill their local coffers with revenue from motorists.

Thus, it is not unexpected that someone would want to pilfer these ill-gotten gains.  That's exactly what happened in the village of Arlington Heights.

Now, we are not advocating for people speeding, and we certainly think the law should be evenly enforced, but when a community is disproportionately reaping revenues from speeders, as opposed to taking other actions -- like better signage -- to stop the dangerous behavior, we draw the line.

In Clermont County, it has always been the Village of Amelia, and in Hamilton County, it's Arlington Heights.  There, they fleece the citizenry of this small burb both on their own streets, and on I-75 where it runs through the town. 

Channel 9 uncovered a scandal there where the local bureaucrats were pocketing the cash payments for the tickets -- to the tune of $250,000!  Now, the village has suspended radar tracking of speeders until they get a handle on things.

Certainly the criminal bureaucrats should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but we would ask whether the folks creating the official speed traps in Arlington Heights are to blame as well.

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