Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 Election: Vote GOP to repeal ObamaCare; Vote Democrat to retain it

COAST will get to its endorsements later this year.  And anyone who knows us, knows we are beyond partisan in our endorsements.  That's not to say we don't have a preference for Republicans, but we maintain our independence pretty solidly.

With that as background, we note that there is really one issue defining the 2012 election: ObamaCare.

ObamaCare was created by democrats and passed into law by democrats without a single Republican vote.

The GOP, despite all its failings, has firmly committed to a "tear it out by the roots" repeal of ObamaCare. 

We have the issues of (i) Romney's adoption of the "mandate" in Massachusetts and (ii) a lack of commitment from John Boehner as to what will replace ObamaCare clouding the debate, but in this election we are pleased to have a single, galvanizing national issue that defines the bigger-versus-smaller government debate this nation desperately needs.


  1. The #1 issue in this election will still be the economy. After 4 years of Obama the economy is in terrible shape and that needs to change. As we've seen Hope and Change isn't a governing plan.

    All other issues are in a battle for distant 2nd, including health care. In the long run I doubt this helps Romney, given his RomneyCare past and the confirmation that Republicans won't nominate decent Supreme Court justices that will strike down unconstitutional legislation like ObamaCare.

  2. We strenuously disagree. We could not be happier with this ObamaCare Tax Increase. We knew Our Messiah Barack Obama would be a great tax hiker when we endorsed him in 2008.


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