Friday, July 20, 2012

Who is this Twerp?

The Hamilton County Health Department has a twitter fee.  Fair enough.  They inform residents of various health-related issues such as vaccines, heat alerts, etc.  Sort of what you would expect from the nanny state.

But COAST noted this morning that they were tweeting about the Colorado theater shooting:

"Why on earth would you bring a 3-mo-old to a midnight showing of Batman?!”

And as we explored their tweets, most were on their health-related mission, but they seemed to stray into areas far from their mission, responding "wow, surprising" to WCPO's comment that "Google+ users are more satisfied than Facebook users" and "good dog" in response to a WLWT feed "Assault leads to chase, dog bite ."  And a number of tweets regarding the World Choir Games and Good Morning America.

The point is that we are paying for this twerp to be tweeting all sorts of inane things from his computer on government time, all the while we are told that Hamilton County does not have enough tax dollars to do the jobs that are their statutory duty to perform.

Then, when COAST tweeted a question about the questionable use of our tax dollars, the twerp "blocked" us, a taxpaying citizen in Hamilton County from their twitter feed.  Imagine!

We are now informed that the original Batman tweet was deleted.

Seems to us that the Hamilton County Health Department needs to tighten up their management a bit. 

Below is a sample of some of the more questionable tweets from the Hamilton County Health Department.

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