Monday, October 12, 2009

You Heard It Here First:

Huge City, County and State tax increases coming this fall and winter
The mainstream media refuses to tell you the truth before the November elections, but COAST will. As surely as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, the confluence of continued government over-spending, declining tax revenues and persistent denial and poor projections, will work this fall and winter to finally force the hands of our City, County and State leaders to either (finally) cut spending or raise taxes. And with liberal, tax-and-spend democrats firmly in control at each level of government we know which choice they will make.

The City of Cincinnati is facing a massive $51 million deficit this fall, and the City Manager acknowledges that the first place the City will look to close that gap after the fall elections is enhanced revenue. Prime candidates to raise major bucks for the City: earnings tax increase, new trash collection tax, and eliminating the property tax rollback pushed first by then-Council member Phil Heimlich and since then by Chris Monzel.

The County has spent itself into a tax-increase corner. With massive spending from the Stadium fund for the Banks, declining sales tax revenues, and rob-Peter-to-delay-hard-choices decision-making by our liberal democrat Commissioners Portune and Pepper, eliminating the stadium property tax rollback looks like a safe bet. If so, Portune and Pepper will break solemn pledges made to the taxpayers when the stadium tax was passed, a promise both reiterated in their election campaigns.

Due to Governor Strickland’s persistent failure to cut spending (following in the footsteps of dramatically failed Governor Bob Taft), the State’s fiscal picture was already bleak. And that was before the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that slots at racetracks could be subject to referendum.

As a result, our spend-thrift Governor opted to eliminate the schedule income tax cut in 2010, and then denied it was a tax increase to boot.

So, hold onto your seats folks, it is going to be a wild descent into tax-and-spend nirvana. Oh my, COAST is more relevant than ever before.


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  2. Sorry, but you became irrelevant immediately after ignoring the biggest fleecing of America by the government that we've ever seen, by basically handing our hard-earned money to billion dollar corporations and their multi-million dollar heads (while the poor workers and investors lost everything), including the dying American automobile makers and the frail model of transportation they're based upon.

    Fighting against wasteful spending, huh? You guys are a joke.

  3. Perhaps you should search our older posts, because we absolutely did not ignore it.

  4. Actually COAST was about the only local voice who vocally opposed the Bush/Obama bailout plan and the Obama "stimulus" plan.

    Steve Chabot also opposed both, so I hope he'll be able to count on your vote. Driehaus was for both.

  5. ^^ You are correct, we also organized folks to get downtown and get the word out that Driehaus was having a round table with Barney Frank discussing the bank bailouts.

  6. Matt Hunter Ross = Irrelevant

    If you could get past the visions of streetcars dancing in your head you'd see that COAST vociferously opposed the Bush bailouts. Where were you and the streetcar progressors voicing your strong opposition? Nowhere.

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  9. Hahaha - Wow, you wrote two blog posts on it! Diligent work for a big time PAC like COAST. You guys should be nationally known with the efforts you put forth against massive boondoggles like the auto industry bailout!

    Oh, wait... there's that incredibly scientific poll there at the top of your blog... yep, you better stay out of billion-dollar issues like that... better to spend your time trying to destroy methods of transportation that actually increase investment and QOL, thus making money for the city.

    If Issue 9 passes, once the taxpayers at large realize that your efforts cost them hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to vote each time on whether or not to allow Cincinnati Zoo to expand their miniature train line, you're going to be run out of town.

    Oh, wait... you already do live out of town.


  10. Matt - again, what did YOU do to stop the billionaire bailout. Where were ther progressors railing about it? You did NOTHING. Please tell me exactly what a "big time PAC" like COAST could have done. I'll breathlessly await your answer. I anticipate you not having one.

    As for COASTers living outside of the City - Cincinnatians for Progress CO-CHAIR Bobby Maly is not even a city resident. Your own big money pro-trolley special interest group doesn;t even have a City resident at its head. HAHA.

    Vote to stop outside meddling special interests from interfering ni our City business. Vote YES on Issue 9 and stop the streetcar.

  11. We can only hope we'll be getting higher taxes. Why should these governments have to look for places to cut spending when they can just raise taxes?

  12. Still waiting Matt. Where are you? Please come back and regale us with your exciting answer. Or don't you have one.

    Matt Hunter Ross = Irrelevant


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