Monday, October 12, 2009

Big-taxer Schmidt Booed at Tea Party

Attempts to hide tax and spend credentials fall flat

While in the Ohio House of Representatives, Jean Schmidt slavishly supported each one of Bob Taft’s massive tax increases, and proposed a few of her own. Since being in Congress, she has shown a continuing propensity to supporting big government with votes supporting massive spending programs.

Thus, it was refreshing to see Schmidt loudly booed when she spoke at the massive September 4 Tea Party protest in West Chester. Remember to wrap your head with duct tape prior to viewing this clip so you can pick up the pieces when your head explodes. Tea Partiers are a bit more sophisticated than the average voter, Mrs. Schmidt. Peddle your lies elsewhere, please.

1 comment:

  1. Schmidt is so dishonest it's sickening.

    "We had to do something." Obviously that means voting for an $800 billion monstrosity that no one understood. Just as Schmidt is a great tax hiker, we can count on her adding $800 billion to the deficit every time there's an economic slump.


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