Monday, October 12, 2009

Tax Funded “Arts” Promotes Big Government Agenda

Is anyone surprised?
Why are limited government conservatives so adamantly opposed to government-funded “arts?” Well, first off, there is plenty of private money funding “arts” today, from Rock and Roll, to Rap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Classical, from Art Museums to the Opera, Ballet and Symphony. And there is plenty of public money flowing into the coffers of performing artists of all types.

But even worse, once politicians award tax money to “artists,” invariably the “artists” become mouthpieces for the politians funding them. It’s just human nature that whoever pays the piper calls the tune. Thus, these “artists” become tax-funded advocates for positions COASTers typically oppose (e.g., greater government spending.

As an example of this latter evil, look no further than the federally-funded NEA’s attempts to use taxpayer funded art to advance the Democrat political agenda. ‘nuf said on that topic.

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