Monday, October 12, 2009

COAST 2009 Election Endorsements

Frugal candidates promoted; big-spenders denied

With voting presently underway for this November’s contests, COAST has issued its 2009 endorsements for Cincinnati Mayor and City Council, Cincinnati Board of Education, numerous candidates in surrounding suburbs and on Cincinnati and Hamilton County ballot issues. Read the entire list of endorsements here. With apologies to quality endorsed candidates and issues not mentioned in this e-mail, we highlight a few of those endorsements:

Cincinnati Mayor
In a City hungering for real leadership and direction, COAST heartily endorses Brad Wenstrup for Mayor. He's no stranger to tough assignments and has the solutions that Cincinnati desperately needs. This change is long overdue.

Cincinnati City Council
With 13 of 19 Council candidates supporting the Trolley, and most refusing to sign the COAST Pledge against raising taxes, COAST strongly endorses Chris Monzel and Charlie Winburn. It also likes newcomers Amy Murray, LaMarque Ward, and George Zamary.

Cincinnati Board of Education
For the first time in many years, two candidates offer a real alternative to the seemingly endless irresponsible taxing and spending ways of the Cincinnati Board of Educaiton, COAST strongly endorses John Banner and Chris McDowell for Board of Education.

Ballot Issues
COAST urges you to vote "AGAINST THE TAX LEVY" on Issue 7 (Library levy) and Issue 52 (Cincinnati School levy)

COAST urges “YES” votes on Cincinnati Issues 8 (Water Works Charter Amendment) and 9 (Trolley Charter Amendment). Get an Issue 9 sign for your yard by calling or emailing Mark Miller (842-7730).

On Issue 3 (Casino Constitutional Amendment), COAST has not taken a position, but desires to educate voters that this issue will grant an exclusive casino franchise to four pieces of property in Ohio, already owned by two casino developers. COAST encourages voters to understand this ballot issue does not generally allow gambling in Ohio, but is aimed at benefiting these two corporate gambling interests exclusively and perpetually.


  1. I see that you are still refusing to let the "merits" of your Passenger Rail ballot initiative stand on its own by continuing to refer to it only as a "trolley" issue. I do realize, though, that the only way this thing can pass is if you continue to mislead the public. Way to go COAST. Stand up guys...

  2. The only way to stop the streetcar is to vote for Issue 9. Issue 9 stops the streetcar.

    Stop the Streetcar!

    Vote YES on 9!

  3. I see that you progressors are still running away from the streetcar like it's a skunk.

    YES on Issue Nine. Stop the Trolley Folley!

  4. ^Call out the charter amendment on all it's consequences, not just the streetcar, and they call it "runnuing." Seems like Bris is in denial of the amendments true goal, to reject all passenger rail, not just the streetcar.


    That is priceless.
    How very very sad for you.

  6. CAAST is in denial of his fear of the voters HATING the crappy trolley plan.

  7. Yeah, I'm in denial. I point out the truth that Issue 9 affects all passenger rail, not just the streetcar as the misleading sign would indicate. That's somehow seen as "denial" by you?

    Ha, nice try.

  8. Streetcars are for losersOctober 13, 2009 at 12:03 PM

    Waaaa, Waaaaa!

    Our opponents are pointing out the worst part of our side's plan to the voters.

    No fair!

    Waaaaa, Waaaaa!

  9. We're going to start rolling out our endorsements in the coming days to counter yours. Our people will win and we will get Streetcars in Cincinnati!

  10. I'm glad you take such pride in opposing things like public transit, libraries, (and in the past schools and zoos) you know, things that better the community.

  11. "Waaaa, Waaaaa!

    Our opponents are pointing out the worst part of our side's plan to the voters."

    First, haha yes. That's what happens when your ammendment has concequences that go far beyond just one facet of your plan... it gets pointed out by opponents. Should opponents not point out that this plan would effectively kill any shot at any passenger rail plan? Not sure what the "waa waa" is for. Seems very weird...

    And second, why is there a picture of a bus on COAST's yard sign???


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