Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vote Against the Little Miami Joint Fire and Rescue Levy

You won't often find a local government opposing a tax levy, but the Newtown Village Council has voted to do exactly that. On November's ballot is a 2.3 mil levy which would remain in effect until two new fire stations are paid off, when officials would rescind it. Council voted 5 to 1 to oppose the levy.

The Enquirer reports "Newtown Village Councilman Mark Kobasuk, who made the motion to oppose the levy, said his issue isn't with the fire district's service, but with the timing. He said voters are struggling in a terrible economy, and Nov. 3 isn't the time to ask them to pay more taxes. Councilman Brian Burns, a Sharonville firefighter who's served on the Fire District board for three months, also voted to oppose the levy. He said the decision, which was made quickly during the council meeting, was "extremely difficult," but now isn't the right time to ask for more money."

The video is pretty convincing evidence that Newtown has been doing more with less for quite a long time. COAST congratulates the Village of Newtown for their spirit of sacrifice in considering their citizens first, and their willingness to endure a while longer until their people can afford to upgrade. We tip our hats to this unusually responsible council.

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  1. As Newtown Council why they spend thousands of tax payers dollars to repay their street in the upscale area of Iny Hills because they didn't like the way the payment looked in front of their homes. Then you can tell me "how frugal" they are!!!


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