Saturday, October 24, 2009

COAST Endorses Al Peter and Peggy Reis in Anderson Township

Limited government advocates running for reelection

COAST has added to its list of endorsements incumbents Al Peter and Peggy Reis in their bids for re-election to the Anderson Township Board of Trustees. Peter and Reis are facing re-election challenges for the two open seats from three challengers.

Our endorsement is based upon a stellar overall record on taxes and spending by Peter and Reis, and especially on these three positions:
  • Because of good stewardship of Township tax resources, the Township was able to weather the cutting of funds for Sheriff’s patrols in the Townships without any reduction in service and without a tax increase.

  • When the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center was seeking state funding in 2007, the Anderson Township Board of Trustees blazed a trail in passing a resolution opposing the wasteful spending, and so informing our elected representatives in Columbus.

  • These two leaders have stretched Township levy funds such that only a single small supplemental operating levy for safety services was necessary since 2000. The usual 5 year levy was extended to almost 9 years through careful budgeting and spending curbs.
"COAST is pleased to back these two outstanding public officials in their bid for re-election to the Board of Trustees for Anderson Township,” said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd. “Beyond just shephergding their resources carefully, when COAST needed help fighting Freedom Center funding, the Trustees of Anderson Township were standing firmly behind us.


  1. Glad to see COAST finally campaigning on issues on its home turf.

  2. If that's the case, Wad, then pro-streetcar Cincinnatians for Progress would have to push for streetcars in Covington, Kentucky. That's where their Co-Chairman lives.

    Stop outside meddling in Cincinnati business. Stop the streetcar boondoggle. Vote Yes on Issue 9!

  3. Beechmont Ave. is gorgeous -- what with the help of bulldozers OTR could be -- and I-275 is free to drive on, including its overbuilt and untolled 6-lane Ohio River bridge. Life doesn't get much better than Anderson Township.

  4. Bris,

    Well one of the SC extensions plans to extend to Northern Kentucky...So it is in his future. Covington has already voted to approve/suport the streetcar..It is odd that Northern Kentucky is blowing Cincinnati out of the water in economic development..but at the same time I get it because they do not have a blow hard group like COAST that is keeping their city from progressing....No on 9

  5. They have built a 30m dollar goverment center Castle in Anderson Township for themselves as well...Guess that kind of tax spending is OK with COAST

  6. Is anyone at COAST awake? The public/private partnership known as Anderson Towne Place (movie theater & parking garage, etc) behind the Anderson Towne Center has 1 foot in the bankruptcy grave. How do you say Kenwood Mall East. Another $5 million dollars of taxpayer money committed by Peter, Reis and Jackson to a very poor error in judgment. Did I mention the lack of parking at the $25 million dollar Anderson Government Center? Help! With this endorsement COAST has lost its focus and credibility.

  7. Coast is Corrupt. Anderson Twp. is Corrupt. Connection? Coast exist in Anderson Twp. Al Peter and Reis are TERRIBLE for Anderson Twp. I'm not wild about our choices but anyone is an improvement over Reis and Peter.

  8. Josh Gerth, Jackson and their other rich, elitist friends are all about corruption in Anderson Township. They will spend another $30 million for a palace.


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