Monday, October 19, 2009

The Government Can

 Who can buy a streetcar, 
 Even though we're broke. 
 And treat us with contempt 
 because we want to have a vote. 
 Mayor Mallory can. 


  1. Glad to see that COAST still has time to search for YouTube videos and photos of Tinky Winky after spending all that time coming up with specific, comprehensive plans for improving our city! Oh, wait...

  2. Travis, G
    lad to see you back. Still waiting to hear which levies you oppose this year, or if you are in fact, as we all know, supporting EVERY SINGLE TAX on the ballot in Hamilton County this year.

    Is an oppresively high tax rate part of your comprehensive plan for improving our City?

  3. Travis, we all know hard work, research on issues and honesty are tough things for COAST. This blog has proven it time and time again. Searching for youtube videos is just so much easier for them.

  4. Oh and Travis, I think COAST spokesperson Tom Luken made it quite clear that COAST has no comprehensive plan, they're happy with the staus quo:

  5. The CAVE men* have lost all momentum.
    After the Enquirer story and the protest fiasco/boondoggle Saturday morning I'm thinking they are getting desperate.
    Has anyone endorsed issue #9?
    I mean besides the CAVE men*?

    * Citizens Against Virtually Everything

  6. Tax us more!! We insist on higher taxes and out of control spending in our City! We insist on a choo-choo train for rich urban professionals. After all, 8 of the 9 morons on City Council who have helped drive this City into the ground are opposing Issue 9. We must listen to them. The people are not smart enough to make this decision for themsleves.

    Losers Approving More Excessive Spending & Taxes

  7. Bris, you mean 8 of the 9 people on council, who have actually have done research on the proposal and have seen the positive effects of rail on other cities, support the plan? And they are the idiots, not you? With all of the research that has been done showing that the system would be a success, who are you to say it will be a failure? Do you know more about rail transportation than city planners and other experts who can speak to its successes?

    Get a grip. Stop lying and saying that such a system would only be used by young professionals. Visit any city with a modern mass transportation system and you will see people of all demographics riding together.

    Stop lying and saying that the system would raise taxes. There is no tax increase needed to build the Streetcar. Don't tell me that operating expenses will end up raising taxes, because the city and county will make far more money due to the additional development created by the Streetcar than the cost of operating it each year.

    Finally, don't make assumptions about which issues I do and don't support.

  8. Translation 1:
    Government bureaucrats and the elite elected know what is good for you. Listen to them and do not dare to disagree.

    Translation 2:
    Travis supports EVERY SINGLE tax levy on the ballot but is afraid to admit it because he knows it will prove what we all know: That he is a big government tax and spender.

  9. "Government bureaucrats and the elite elected know what is good for you. Listen to them and do not dare to disagree."

    Yes, Bris, the elected officials we elect know better than special interest goons like Chris Finney and Chris Smitherman. Notice that we elect the council and if you're not happy with it, you elect someone else. That's how democracy works. Don't like your elected officials, vote them out.

    "Travis supports EVERY SINGLE tax levy on the ballot but is afraid to admit it because he knows it will prove what we all know: That he is a big government tax and spender."

    Translation: Bris has been beat and instead of confronting the facts, he has to resort to personal attacks.

    You get stupider and stupider every time you post Bris. It's a shame cause as much as I dislike certain members of COAST, none are as ignorant as you.

  10. I'm hurt Gordon. Hurt and dismayed. If there were a streetcar in Cincinnati I'd throw myself in front of it. Life is not worth living without Gordon Bombay's approval.

    PS - Travis is a big government tax and spender who supports every singel tax levy on the ballot in Hamilton County this year.

  11. Who gives a flying f*ck what levies Travis supports? This blog post is not about him, and neither is Issue 9.

  12. Kevin -
    Travis has seen fit to expound on any number of issues on this blog that fall far outside the realm of issue 9. Indeed, there are numerous blog posts that have to do with issues besides issue 9. Don't like it? Go to the CAAST blog and sit around patting the other trolley freaks on the back.

  13. COAST's sense of humor is creepy because these dudes are creeps.

  14. You know the lyrics in the blog post are never heard in the song. Maybe it's time for COAST to start making youtube videos. You guys could probably make up some good parodies to some Miley Cyrus songs.

  15. SO no Streetcar NO ON NINE!


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