Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Only You Can Prevent a Tax Hike

"It's just a coincidence," say City officials about delaying the vote on a property tax increase until after the November 3 election. Councilmember Chris Monzel calls it a deceptive "November surprise," according to this Enquirer story.

Cincinnati projects a $51 million shortfall in next year's budget, and so far has been unable to muster the political will to live within its means. This election presents citizens with a golden opportunity to protect their family budgets. Several candidates have pledged in writing not to raise taxes or fees during their terms. They are:
Leslie Ghiz,
Chris Monzel,
Amy Murray,
Lamarque Ward,
Charlie Winburn,
George Zamary,

Brad Wenstrup.

Give them your financial support, and be sure to vote only for these candidates who have promised to protect your pocketbooks. See other COAST endorsements here.

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