Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Treble displays of fiscal irresponsibility

We erect goals and constraints around our own behavior in order to, at least, have benchposts of responsibility.  It's not always that we attain these goals, but they serve to remind us of where we are headed, and to instruct us when we have strayed.

So, families write our household budgets, businesses set sales goals, athletes have training schedules.  No one is perfect, but at least w know the ideal.

In Washington, however, where absolutely unrestrained spending and debt are in vogue, the fashion of the moment is to dispense even with the notion of setting goals, or any yardstick at all by which to measure our success or failure at fiscal restraint.  Thus, the notion of limiting government by any measure  at all is being entirely discarded.  This is frightening.
Wow.  And these are the people in whom we have entrusted the fiscal affairs of this nation.  Think about it.

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