Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hyde Park Community Council Conspires Against Community

A recent public records request has uncovered an attempt by Cincinnati Traffic Engineer Michael Moore and Hyde Park Community Council President Janet Buening to work secretly on the now failed "road diet" of Erie Avenue's S-Curve.

They attempted to generate support for the plan to remove capacity from Hyde Park's main road while keeping those who would oppose the plan in the dark.

One example from an April 9, 2012 email from Buening to Moore:
"We have been quietly surveying schools and businesses along that stretch of Erie, and also asking some residents their thoughts, trying to keep the issue quiet, as you requested."
"We will finish up our questioning of the institutional stakeholders, and put together a report for you by the end of this month - we wish to be both careful and accurate about this - but my sense is that the road diet on the east end of Erie will be a hard sell."
Is this what Hyde Park residents expect from their Community Council? Leaders who work to blindside them like this? We hope Hyde Park residents will demand an explanation from Ms. Buening.

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