Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guest Post Campaign for Primary Accountability

Nate Silver was right.

Most members of Congress are certain to be reelected in November. The primary is the election that really matters.
Nate Silver of the New York Times detailed how there used to be over 100 swing districts in the House of Representatives – but now there are only 35 swing districts.
That’s right – out of 435 seats in Congress, only 35 are really competitive.

For the other 400, the only chance for voters to have their voice heard is in the primary.
You can make sure your voice is heard.
In 2012, the Campaign for Primary Accountability’s Equalizer campaign leveled the playing field for primary challengers. We gave them a fighting chance – and they won.
Over 140,000 voters learned about the importance of voting in the primary – and signed the Primary Pledge.
The Campaign for Primary Accountability is committed to making Congress accountable to the people.
Thank you,
Jerome Armstrong
Senior Advisor, Campaign for Primary Accountability

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