Friday, January 4, 2013

Streetcar Tax PUCO Staff Report

The Public Utilities Commission has released its Staff Report on Duke's proposed Streetcar Rate Increase.

The PUCO staff does not support the "Facilities Relocation - Mass Transportation Rider" as it is called in PUCO parlance. You can read the document for yourself below.  The Streetcar Rate increase begins at page 32 of the pdf (21 of the document).

PUCO Staff Report Re Duke Case Number 12-1682-EL-AIR

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  1. This should be a nice companion article for the Horstman-Cranley hit piece. Now that Duke has new leadership, and has basically been issued a smack-down (by Ohio's Republican Machine, no less), they might put the childish feet-dragging behind them.

    Looks like COAST has lost its biggest ally in the anti-streetcar crusade. The only one, in fact, which had any power to be an actual drag on construction progress.


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