Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mallory blocks vote on utility hike for Streetcar relocation costs

Mayor Mark Mallory is again preventing a vote  on a matter that Christopher Smitherman wants to bring before the Council, in this case the Duke Energy rate hike to fund utility relocation for the Streetcar.

Duke Energy has a whopping 20% rate increase proposal pending before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, with hearings on the hike scheduled for next month.

Part of that rate increase proposal is a special tariff on City-only residents and business owners to pay the $18 million in excess costs to Duke Energy to relocate its utility lines to accommodate the Streetcar construction.  COAST estimates the cost per household will be approximately $7 per month for two years to recoup these costs.

Christopher Smitherman has introduced a resolution before the Council opposing this cash-grab from City residents. Using what Smitherman claims is an illegal procedure in violation of the Charter, Mayor Mallory refuses to allow the proposal to even come to a vote before the Council.

Of course, there are six lemmings on the Council that slavishly obey each dictate of the Mayor, so even if the proposal saw the light of day, it would fail, but at least we could get these Council members on the record for selling out their own voters for the sake of their beloved trolley.

Remember in November.  


  1. "Remember in November"

    Why? You don't remember November 2009 or November 2011. And when things don't go your way this upcoming election, you won't remember November 2013!

  2. Touche' our Anon friend. Touche'. But there's always tomorrow.

  3. Yes, of course, tomorrow. COAST should start thinking about tomorrow instead of being so rooted in the past.

    The passage of time is not your friend.


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