Saturday, January 5, 2013

COAST attorney Chris Finney appears with Dan Carroll on 700 WLW tomorrow (Sunday) at noon to discuss Streetcar

Oh, the Cincinnati Streetcar program, $42 million in and nothing to show for it!
COAST attorney Chris Finney

Tomorrow at noon, COAST attorney Chris Finney will provide listeners of WLW with an update on the boondoggle, and the latest foibles from City Hall on the matter, including now delaying the completion date yet

another 18 months into 2016 (!) and Friday's PUCO staff recommendation against a special Cincinnati-only utility surcharge to raise $18 million of the construction costs.

These developments follow closely on the heels of the City's fight with SORTA to prevent the use of transit dollars raised from the City's earnings tax to be used for the Streetcar.

It provides endless fodder for COAST to promote an agenda of limited government.  It is, you might say, the gift that keeps on giving, for those who need "Exhibit A" for the wasteful priorities of our political class.

Please tune in, listen in, and call in!

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