Friday, January 4, 2013

Ohio AG Mike DeWine Reducing Testing Time for DNA

From Mike DeWine:

My top priority as Ohio Attorney General is to protect families. As part of that commitment, when I took office two years ago, I made it a priority of my office to significantly decrease the time it takes at our crime lab -- BCI -- to test evidence for local law enforcement. When I took office, the average turnaround time for testing DNA evidence was 125 days. The hard-working men and women at our lab have reduced that testing time now to 20 days -- and we’ve done this while seeing a 30% increase in our caseload.

Reducing the evidence testing turnaround time is critical because the quicker local law enforcement can make an arrest, the quicker they can get criminals off our streets.  It is also critical because nearly 90% of all Ohio’s law enforcement agencies rely on BCI for crime lab services.

I am proud of our scientists and lab technicians and support staff for their great work and dedication to assisting local law enforcement in protecting our communities.

All my best,

Mike DeWine


  1. This is good news for law-abiding taxpayers and bad news for scumbag criminals everywhere. I remember DeWine making this a centerpiece of his campaign against liberal Democrat Richard Cordray. It's pretty rare these days to actually see a politician make a campaign promise and follow through on it.

  2. AG Wannabe David A. Pepper thinks BCI has something to do with the trust fund his Daddy gave him - Big Cash Infusion.


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