Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There is still time to comment on Cincinnati's Streetcar Tax

As we first reported here, the Ohio Public Utilities Commission is currently considering a proposal by Duke Energy to allow Cincinnati City Council to add a surcharge for the Cincinnati Streetcar.  Public Comments are being accepted.

The PUCO staff report is expected next week.   Already hundreds of concerned citizens have weighed in to oppose this hidden tax.  Make sure your voice is heard as well.  You can use this sample email link  as a template.  Or use PUCO's online comment form to let them know you don't want to pay for a Streetcar on your Electric Bill. Include reference Case 12-1682-EL-AIR in your comment.

Review the whole PUCO case file here.

COAST will continue to follow this case and keep you updated.


  1. To be clear, it is a rider, (FRT) attached to a general rate increase, that I oppose.

  2. Done, though not appearing on site.....yet, comment follows.

    As regards Duke Energy’s ill-conceived notion of passing along costs associated with moving their lines accommodating Cincinnati’s city council fanatical streetcar delusion (see case# 12-1682-EL-AIR) I am in strong opposition. I wonder if P.U.C.O. is aware proposed rate increase impacts customers that rarely, if ever, visit City of Cincinnati. My Duke Energy consummation happens 23 miles from City of Cincinnati, I try and avoid downtown, why should I or my neighbors have to pay for anything we don’t use? You should keep in mind that the only people going downtown, especially location where subject utility lines lie are those looking to score.

    1. Wow, your (ignorant) letter will really get PUCO's attention!

    2. Wow, your (ignorant) anonymous comment will really get readers' attention!


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