Thursday, November 1, 2012

COAST Endorses Mike Wilson

Ohio House District 28 Race Crucial

The differences between Connie Pillich and Mike Wilson are a lot more than political party and ideology.  While Connie Pillich is a big-government liberal and Mike Wilson is a limited government conservative, this contentious race has highlighted huge differences in how they approach politics.

Mike Wilson burst onto the political scene in 2009 when he founded the Cincinnati Tea Party.  Since then, he has committed to getting more regular people involved in politics and has managed to run for office while founding his own small business.  In contrast, Connie Pillich has left her law firm to become a full-time legislator and is resorting in her campaign to the same tired and dishonest scare tactics that make good people reluctant to get involved in politics.

Mike Wilson is the right choice to represent House District 28 and hold the other politicians accountable.  

COAST fully endorses Mike Wilson for State Representative.

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