Friday, November 16, 2012

Gov. Kasich opts of out ObamaCare

 Ohio tells Obama and Sebelius it elects not to participate   

COAST is pleased to announce that Governor John Kasich today wrote to the Obama administration to announce that Ohio would not operate a federally-mandated health insurance exchange, but rather chose to relinquish that responsibility to the federal government. 

Conservative attorneys cheered the Kasich decision, including Ohio's Maurice Thompson from the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law:  "We are pleased that the Kasich Administration heeded the clear effect of the Health Care Freedom Amendment (passed in 2011), which prohibited Ohio from enacting a state based Obamacare exchange."

In addition to opting out of the Orwellian federal health insurance exchange, Kasich also (i) refused to relinquish to the federal government the right to regulate its insurance market and (ii) turn over to the federal government the right to determine Medicaid and Children's Health insurance Plan (CHIP) eligibility.   

As this analysis from the 1851 Center shows, all three decisions were the right choice to continue the nationwide resistance to ObamaCare and ensure continued (as much as is possible) local and individual control of health insurance policy and decisions.

Today marks a deadline established by the Obama administration for States to make certain elections under ObamaCare. 

COAST thanks Governor Kasich for making the correct decisions on these issues.

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  1. Health care? I just wish my friend Kevin LeMaster could afford a good attorney. Maybe then he wouldn't have been convicted of DWI.


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