Monday, November 12, 2012

Mayor Mallory's final budget is coming -- going to be fun to watch!

The last budget cycle of Mayor Mallory's disastrous 8-year reign is coming any day now.  And it looks to be a whopper. 

As the City has limped forward year after year with structurally imbalanced budgets, and has robbed Peter (the general fund) to pay Paul (the Streetcar), it is inevitable that there will be either significant cutbacks in Cincinnati's critical public safety budget (police and fire layoffs), significant reduction of other core services (trash and snow plowing layoffs), significant tax and fee increases, or a combination of the foregoing (we bet on the combination).

In case any of our fair readers have any delusions that this Council will address these challenges responsibly, remember this is the group that voted to approve the $4.4 million glass atrium atop City Hall, the gang that has persistently under-funded the City pension, and the cabal that insists on proceeding with a $125 million Streetcar project the City can't afford.

Well, we intend to rock back on our heels, laugh at the voters that put these jokers in office, and say "we told ya so."  Gosh this is going to be fun to watch.

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