Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kettering Voters 2, Council 0

Good news in the fight for liberty and limited government

Grass roots activist group, Citizens for a Better Kettering, conducted an initiative petition drive and election campaign that resulted in voters handily approving two charter amendments on Nov 6.  We achieved this despite a fierce opposition campaign that appears to have been orchestrated by disgruntled Council members.

One charter amendment limits the number of consecutive terms that a person may serve on Council, so as to in sure a more regular infusion of new citizen leadership. 

The other charter amendment reforms Council pay practices by:

1:  cutting Council pay in half after the current terms are over to bring pay in-line with other large suburbs
2:  banning the Council from raising its pay within a current term
3:  making pay raises visible 
4:  improving disclosure of pay

Incidentally, these issues received high levels of approval from Democrat leaning precincts.  This was a bi-partisan win.

COAST legal counsel Chris Finney provided assistance in drafting the legal text of the amendments and successfully represented Citizens for a Better Kettering in Federal court to protect their right to petition the government.

Learn more about Citizens for a Better Kettering here.

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