Sunday, November 4, 2012

No on Issue 2

Power grab by Unions and Left must be defeated

In 2010 Ohio voters went to the polls to elect statewide officers.  Under Ohio's Constitution, those races also determined the makeup of Ohio's apportionment committee.  Republicans and Democrats alike knew what was at stake in that election - control of the map.  And the money flowed like water in the effort to win votes and those precious seats.
The Republicans prevailed - overwhelmingly.  Hence, with data from the 2010 census, Republicans redrew the legislative maps.  No one will argue that the maps they drew are the best or fairest; but what cannot be denied is that it was the result of a longstanding process that is enshrined in Ohio's Constitution and that all the players knew the rules of the game before even the members of the apportionment committee were known.
Issue 2 is a naked attempt by the losers to rewrite the rules after the game is over.  Ohio's political battles have always rested on a basic assumption of respect for the rules.  Sadly, that basic assumption is being tested more and more every day and every election.  The labor unions and the left are unwilling to accept defeat at the polls.  Now they want to amend Ohio's Constitution to preserve their power in perpetuity.  That is not how we do things in Ohio.
Issue 2 will grant almost limitless power and money to an unelected and unaccountable board, upset our political traditions and limit the power of the voters.
Newspapers across Ohio's political spectrum all agree: No on Ohio.

Issue 2 is also opposed by the Ohio Bar Association.
Vote NO on Issue 2.

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  1. no, actually, it's an effort to thwart the tyranny of majority abused by both Rebloodlicans & Democrips


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