Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dohoney Reveals Budget

Relies on One Time Revenue
Tax Increases and Cuts to Services
Paving the way for even more tax increases!

The wait is over.  Mayor Mallory's final budget has been released. Available for review below.

Among the "Biggies" in the budget is the proposal to lease the City's parking operations for thirty years.  City Manager Dohoney promises this will raise at least $40 Million up front.  Of this promised $40 Million, $21 Million will be used to plug the 2013 Deficit.

Another $11.6 Million from the "2012 General Fund carryover balance" comes from "one-time sources."  Of course, this begs the question, where will the city find that $32.6 Million for the 2014 budget?  Gee, what would we expect a newly elected City Council sitting on a four year term to do to plug that giant budget hole???

But enough about future tax increases.  Let's talk about the tax increases coming in this budget:

The budget proposes eliminating the property tax rollback, resulting in a 32% increase in City Property taxes.

Live in the City but work outside the city?  Say goodbye to the Municipal Income Tax Reciprocity.  For instance, if you live in the city but work in Blue Ash, you will be paying 3.35% in Municipal income tax.  Aren't you thrilled with the leadership of our fair city?

And how about cuts to services?

Own a business in the city or live in one of those wonderful new apartments at the Banks?  Or in any apartment building with more than 5 apartments?  Guess what?  The City won't be collecting your garbage anymore!  Guess what else? Your rent will be going up to pay for garbage collection.  But don't worry, the City expects to collect a new "solid waste collection fee" of 10% of gross revenues from the people you pay to collect your garbage.  We have to ask this: if you get paid to pick up garbage, aren't all your revenues gross? But seriously, who do you think will be paying that 10% gross revenue fee?  If you said the consumer, go to the head of the class - of course, you might just be leaving the City entirely!

Also cut:
Media Bridges funding is eliminated, as are Arts Grants and the Downtown and Neighborhood Gateways Program.

Feel like staring into the abyss yourself?  Read the whole thing here:

Cincinnati Budget 2013

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