Monday, October 29, 2012

Union Township Trustees Celebrate Corruption

The Union Township Trustees have declared November 6, 2012 as "Jean Schmidt Day."  Read about it here.

We note just a small sampling of the disgraceful acts of this most disgraceful woman: Lying about endorsements, Lying about her education, Making False Statements on her Financial Disclosure forms, Accepting over $500,000 in illegal gifts from special interest group The Turkish Coalition of America.

And the elected leadership of Union Township chose to honor this woman??

And pray tell, what exactly has Jean Schmidt actually accomplished?  What legislation has she sponsored that benefited the people of Union Township, or anyone?  Where has she lead?

Anyone?? Anyone??


As a final thought, we note the most delicious irony.  On November 6, while Union Township's politicians celebrate Jean Schmidt, the rest of the Second District will be electing a true leader, a man of integrity: Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup.  Happy Jean Schmidt Day!

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  1. Tax Hikin' Rick BryanOctober 30, 2012 at 12:15 AM

    Here in Blue Ash we're going to have Marc Dann Day! I fondly remember the days when Marc and I stood together to endorse a Hamilton County Sales Tax increase. I'm still upset the stupid voters voted it down.


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