Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stark Differences in Senate Race

COAST endorses Josh Mandel

In the past two years Ohio's financial situation has gone from dire to sustainable.  Due, in no small measure, to the efforts of State Treasurer Josh Mandel

In many ways Mandel reminds us of Congressional Candidate, Brad Wenstrup.  Each man, when looking to serve their country went first to the military, not elective office like so many "public servants."  As a Marine, Josh served two tours of Iraq, earning the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal on both occasions.

In contrast, his opponent left college and immediately sought elective office.  He has held elective office almost continuously for nearly forty years!  Sherrod Brown is often considered to be one of America's most liberal Senators, along with the likes of Barbara Boxer and Dick Durbin.

Mandel is a committed conservative and steadfast voice for limited government.  COAST has long understood that the problem with Washington is the people that we send there.  And, as Mandel is fond of saying, "The only way to change Washington is to change the people you send there."

Mandel's record of service is impeccable.  A Senate delegation of Portman and Mandel will bring a real glimmer to Ohio.

COAST fully endorses Josh Mandel for United States Senate.

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