Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Attention Cincinnati Residents:No On 4 Yard Signs Available

Imagine a world where Cincinnati City Council members don't have to face the voters every two years. Where voters aren't able to hold their leaders accountable.  Where City Council can disappear into the bowels of City Hall for four years at a time doling out grants and special deals to favored insiders.  This is world where the Streetcar debacle becomes the new norm.  This is a world where Roxanne Qualls and Mayor Mallory can strong-arm a compliant council into voting for even the most horrible of ideas.

Why?  Because with four year terms, Council races will become even more of a Name ID race and the incumbent protection racket that is Issue 4 will virtually guarantee that incumbents are re-elected.

No On 4 Yard Signs are available for pick up at the Hamilton County Republican Party Headquarters (7th and Walnut) and the Downtown Victory Center (646 Main Street).

If you can't make it downtown, fill out the form below to have a sign delivered to your home or business.

Leaders from across the political spectrum oppose Issue 4.  Former Council members like Amy Murray (R) and Jeff Berding (D); The Charter Party, Republican Party, COAST and the NAACP all oppose Issue 4.  To learn more about the bi-partisan group leading the fight against Issue 4, check out

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