Wednesday, October 24, 2012

COAST warmly endorses Joe Deters for Prosecutor

Consistent leader for Hamilton County

We all know know Joe Deters for his long-time service as Hamilton County Prosecutor, usually from his latest tough-on-crime announcement about the latest miscreant on the evening news.

Of course, his performance on criminal justice issues is an important part of his job and he does that very well.

But there are two other aspects of Joe Deters' job that are more central to COAST's core mission of controlling taxes and spending, and stopping the abuse of power by local public officials.

The first of those is the Civil Division in the Prosecutor's office, representing the County in its transactional and litigation affairs.  There, the prosecutor's office is one of Cincinnati's larger law firms, defending the County against legal challenges daily.  In that capacity, the Prosecutor's office performs admirably.  Joe Deters' leadership in clipping the wings of the democrat commission when it was wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside counsel for the Banks was especially admirable, a battle he won after pitched legal battle with the Commission.  That alone saved the County millions. 

The second is Joe Deters' leadership within the community and the GOP, which has been consistent and highly influential for many years.  Deters' refusal to endorse the 2007 Super-Sized Jail tax helped spell its demise.  He has been an outspoken opponent of the Cincinnati Streetcar project, pointing to its folly before we address criminal justice concerns.  He has led the County in selecting its judicial and non-judicial candidate slates, producing for the most part quality leaders year in and year out. 

Joe Deters has built a powerful leadership base in Hamilton County, and consistently has elected to use that influence for a better Hamilton County.  We add him to our list of 2012 endorsed candidates and wish him success in another term as County Prosecutor.


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