Monday, October 29, 2012

East, West, North and South Three fantastic choices for Congress

COAST endorses Wenstrup, Chabot and Massie

Whether you are from the east side, the west side, north in Warren County or across the river in Kentucky, COAST could not be more thrilled with the choices on the ballot this year for the United States Congress.

Starting in northern Kentucky, GOP primary voters selected scientist and entrepreneur Thomas Massie, with Tea Party endorsement and credentials, to succeed Geoff Davis, who served honorably for six years.  Massie is a self-made man who, after making millions as a small business owner, moved home to serve his fellow Kentuckians.  His successful GOP primary race was a decisive victory for the most fiscally conservative of the primary candidates.

Moving to Cincinnati's west side, with added territory in the district of Warren County, Steve Chabot runs for his ninth term in Congress, where he has been a reliable conservative vote.  Most notably, under tremendous pressure from the GOP establishment, Chabot showed his independence in opposing TARP in 2010.  He endured a decade of close races as his already marginal district tilted further into the democrat column.

Finally, we move into the eastern suburbs of Hamilton County, and over to Clermont, Brown and Highland Counties.  There, COAST- endorsed Lt. Col. Dr. Brad Wenstrup energized tea party candidates throughout the nation with his March primary win, one of the earliest in the nation.   His resume glistens with his experience as a surgeon, small business owner, Iraqi war veteran, and community volunteer.  When he arrives in Congress, he will be a stand-out from Day #1.

COAST enthusiastically endorses the GOP nominees in Ohio's 1st and 2nd Congressional Districts, as well as Northern Kentucky, and encourages them to go to Congress energized to wrestle the nation's budget problems to the ground without tax increases.

Read all of the COAST 2012 endorsements here.

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