Monday, October 1, 2012

Businesses invested in the Welfare State Lobby for More Government

We can't say we were shocked that businesses that feed off of massive federal spending are lobbying for a continuation of their Gravy train, but we were taken aback a bit by the brazenness with this publication from Peck, Shafer & Williams shilling for continuation of President Obama's Build America program.

See this attached "Legal Alert" from Cincinnati's leading bond counsel.  From the bulletin:
Issuers of Build America Bonds (BABs) may not receive their full federal subsidies if massive federal budget cuts are implemented under sequestration, or the so-called "fiscal cliff."
You see, the never ending cycle of tax and spend is fostered by the beneficiaries, rich and poor, of the taxpayer largess.

Rip it out by its roots!  It's the only answer.

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