Friday, October 26, 2012

Issue 4 -- extending Council terms -- is a disaster for Cincinnati

Power grab by Council must be defeated

Last year, COAST's crack legal team nailed Laure Quinlivan for using her office, office equipment and office staff to run her reelection campaign.  She now holds the distinction of being the only member of City Council permanently enjoined by Court order from that illegal activity.

Thus, it is a bit more than slightly ironic that it is Quinlivan who is the prime sponsor of Issue 4, a power grab by members of City Council to extend their terms for four years, and even extend term limits for some.

This Council has nefarious business planned over the coming few years -- extending the Streetcar, increasing taxes, laying off police and firemen, and continuing their refusal to address the City's acute and chronic pension problems.  But the only way they can continue their odious conduct unchecked is if they eliminate the ability of the voters to remove them from office.  That is the cynical and megalomaniacal plot behind Issue 4.

Fortunately, a broad coalition of community leadershas joined in opposition to Issue 4, including COAST and its Chairman Tom Brinkman, former members of Council Amy Murray (Republican), Jeff Berding (Democrat), former Council member Chris Bortz (Charterite/Republican), and former Mayor Charlie Luken (Democrat).  In almost unprecedented unity, the Republican Party and Charter Committee oppose Issue 4.  Former Council candidate Kevin Flynn (who serves as Charter Committee Chair) has shown impressive leadership on the issue.  The amendment is opposed by the NAACP and the Black Baptist Ministers, and African American leaders Christopher Smitherman, Dock Foster and Charlie Winburn.

Indeed, COAST sees in the Issue 4 opposition a potential coalition to bring sanity to City hall, black and white, east, central and west, and Republican, Democrat and Charterite.

Very simply, COAST believes that Cincinnati's voters rightly should reject this power grab by incumbent Council members on election day.  They should preserve the voters' veto of the policies of this or any Council.

Vote NO on Issue 4.  Request a Yard Sign Here.

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