Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wisconsin's Walker scorches Milwaukee Mayor Barrett on wasteful streetcar

Ahhh, it is music to our ears.  First, we have the courageous Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin taking on public employee unions, and seeming to pay a price with a union-led recall effort.

Then, Walker fights back, with vigor, just as President Obama's failed legacy becomes apparent, and the success of Walker's leadership comes to fruition.

Then, the democrats nominate to oppose Walker the failed Milwaukee Mayor Barrett, a Mayor who is pushing a Streetcar much like Cincinnati's funded, with federal funds and local dollars.

Then, Scott Walker hits his opponent Barrett on the wasteful streetcar funding.  It's a thing of beauty!


  1. Agreed! Fortunately, the polls seem to indicate that Walker is a lock. Speaking of things of beauty, check out these graphs of the polling data:

  2. It's too bad that special interest groups and so many voters have to act like petulant babies on budget issues. Wisconsin, like Ohio, faced significant budget problems. There's no longer enough money to spend like drunken sailors on everything.

    Choices had to be made. These Governors made those choices which reduced the size of government without raising taxes, and because of these choices they got their states back on track. Sometimes you have to take grown-up medicine. I'm glad Walker is going to be retained so he can continue moving Wisconsin in the right direction.


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