Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's all in the Turnout, but Scott Walker has the lead

Everything has gone according to plan in Wisconsin where Governor Scott Walker has a 7-point lead, is above 50% and the lead is widening according to the latest poll.

However, the union bosses are angry, motivated and well-funded and claim high absentee votes to date, which they claim favor the attempt to recall the heroic Governor.  And their GOTV machine, and perhaps a fraud machine, will be in hyper-drive to oust Walker.

This race is important for a host of reasons, the least of which is being a bellwether for the fall Presidential election.  Rather, the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election is a referendum on whether America's heartland is willing to embrace the 21st Century economy.  The two coasts, the American northeast and the west coast have said they do not.  Illinois has said it does not.  On the other hand, the south, from North Carolina to Louisiana, have embraced competition.

Now comes the heartland.  Indiana has recently adopted right-to-work legislation.  And Wisconsin will tell the tale of whether that state can truly reform and change from is union-bound ways that are inhibiting its progress.  Ohio is a toss-up.  Senate Bill 5 was a setback for sure, but forces are working in the statehouse for re-enactment of many of its provisions, and there is a right-to-work constitutional amendment working its way to the ballot.

But Wisconsin tells us everything about whether the voters, not just the politicians. are willing to accept the change needed to compete in the global economy.  That's what's at stake next week.

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