Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crazy Council can't do math

They are charged with the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars confiscated from the toils of Cincinnati taxpayers -- the same Cincinnati taxpayers they claim to want to help when they run for reelection.

And even funnier, they claim servitude to City employees when running for election, municipal labor unions that fund their campaigns.

Now, when faced with reining in their excessive spending or actually funding the pensions and health benefits of City employees, the bat shit crazy Council is unable to make even the 2012 contribution to the pension plan to prevent it from going further in the red.

Yes, while they have $4.4 million to put a glass lid on City Hall, and $110 million to sink into a Streetcar no one wants, they can't fund their City pensions.

Christopher Smitherman is the only voice if fiscal sanity on Council; Lord this is a pathetic bunch! 

Gosh, this is funny watching them squirm!

Read it in the Enquirer here.

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