Monday, May 7, 2012

I thought we told them "no"?

As we have told you, these folks never go away.  Museum Center Tax, Cultural Tax.  County Commissioners have told them "no," you will not get to the ballot.  But once again, they're baaaack!

The Enquirer has it here.

And this time, they are plotting the timing of their ballot appearance.

Are they planning a petition drive to get around the Commissioners?  Have a majority of Commissions changed their minds?  Of course, the lazy or uninformed reporter fails to even address the issue, as if the prior rejection by the Commissioners either never happened or was irrelevant to the matter.

Ahhh, let the debate begin!


  1. It's easy to say you'll be kind enough to wait when you already have no possibility of getting it through. They have zero support from the Commissioners to get a Sales Tax on the ballot, and no chance in the Legislature of implementing an Arts Authority with taxing powers to bypass the Commissioners.

  2. Greg Hartmann and Chris Monzel - Are you sleeping at your desks? FIRE Christian Sigman!!! In his time at County Administration all he has done is to run around begging for massive new tax hikes.



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