Monday, May 14, 2012

One stupid capital project is never enough....

It is an axiom as true as the ages, once is never enough.

It's not enough for this bat shit crazy Council to fund the $110 million wasteful streetcar and it's not enough for  them to waste money on the $40 million wasteful Riverfront Transit Center. 

Now they are indeed moving forward with the $4.4 million project to install a glass atrium over a portion of City Hall.  The Enquirer's blog has it here.

As COAST previously reported, City Hall has no cost estimates for heating this space, lighting this space, clearing this space, managing and renting it out, breaking it down and setting it up for events.  They also have no income projections on how much revenue will be derived from the atrium.  Thus, the City has no clue as to what the return on the $4.4 million estimate will be.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Council you have elected. 

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  1. I hope they serve good food at the weddings.


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