Sunday, May 20, 2012

The orderly becomes disorderly; what once was "easy" now seems impossible

We call it the "spiral of death," a "descent into socialism," the "devolution of society."

When we abandon tried and true principles of self-reliance and free markets, and change our mindset to cradle-to-grave reliance on government nanny-ism for, well, everything, then every gear in our engine of progress gets sheared, gummed up and worn out.

We turn to one another looking for the next government solution to the next government-caused problem, and gnash our teeth that solutions seem not to be achievable.

Thus, it is with sadness we read this morning that the already dismal state of public education continues to deteriorate: The Ohio High School dropout rate is up nearly 25% and half of Florida High Schoolers failed their reading test.

Still, it was refreshing to see that today's Enquirer details Diana Frey's use of her moneys stolen from public employee unions, here.  At least someone seemed to be having a good time with those tax dollars!

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