Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ambulance Chasing at its finest

We've all heard the stories of lawyers shamelessly looking for any excuse to sue people.  This story provides a fantastic example of this practice. 

An individual who was texting and driving caused an accident causing both of the people in the other vehicle to lose one leg each.  Nobody disputes that the driver was responsible. 

Now along comes an attorney who is suing the person who SENT the text message for being "electronically present" in the car. 

According to this ambulance chaser, if you send a text message, you are:

1)  Responsible for knowing what the other person is doing at the time you send the text.  Just use your ESP, I suppose.
2)  Responsible if the other party elects to read your text at an unsafe time.  Somehow, you must find a way to force other people to be responsible with their cell phones. 

The judge will decide on Friday whether to force the text sender to stand trial.  Let's hope he does the right thing.

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