Friday, June 26, 2009

Challenger Amy Murray Signs No Tax Pledge

Republican Council challenger Amy Murray has signed COAST's pledge against raising taxes and against new fees during the coming Council term, bringing to five the number of signers of the pledge. Please e-mail Amy to thank her for taking the Pledge.

Amy Murray joins Chris Monzel, Leslie Ghiz, Charlie Winburn and George Zamary in promising not to raise taxes during the coming Council term.

As COAST reports here, City Council has dug itself a huge budgetary hole exceeding $40 million per year starting in 2010. Council member Bortz said Council's budgetary gimmicks last week are "a clear signal that Council fully intends to levy new fees and taxes to fill a projected $40M deficit "

However, to date Bortz has not signed the Pledge. COASTers are encouraged to e-mail him to demand he sign the Pledge.

COAST thanks Amy Murray for her leadership in taking the Pledge and her fellow Council candidates who have previously so committed.

COAST again asks its members to call or write the other seven Council members and the Mayor asking that they sign too (click name to email).

Mark MalloryMayor(513) 352-3250
David CrowleyVice Mayor(513) 352-2453
Jeff BerdingCouncil Member(513) 352-3283
Chris BortzCouncil Member(513) 352-3255
Y. Laketa ColeCouncil Member(513) 352-3466
Greg HarrisCouncil Member(513) 352-5303
Roxanne QuallsCouncil Member(513) 352-3604
Cecil ThomasCouncil Member(513) 352-3499

The text of the pledge is:

2009 Cincinnati Mayoral and Council Candidate
Taxpayer Protection Pledge

I, Amy Murray, pledge to the taxpayers of the City of Cincinnati and all of the people of this City that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes and create new fees during the 2010-2011 term of Cincinnati City Council. This includes without limitation, any increase in the City earnings tax or property tax, and the imposition of new fees such as a garbage collection fee.

/s/Amy Murray___________June 24, 2009____________

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