Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Road Trip: ATR Presentation

COAST presented its coalition-building efforts with the NAACP, Greens, and Libertarians at the Americans for Tax Reform in Washington D.C. at its regular Wednesday morning session. Grover Norquist presided; there were about 110 persons in attendance. Our ATR contact Sandra Fabry kindly shepherded us around and got us introduced. Our presentation was fourth of many, and very well-received. Grover asked some questions about the NAACP alliance from a positive perspective. We were approached by a few attendees for collaboration with their efforts, including the Liberty Coalition and Phil Kerpen from Americans for Prosperity, an old friend. We saw old friend Dimitri Kesari of Right to Work Committee and John Tsarpalas of the Sam Adams Alliance.

We were received well. Perhaps we failed to promote Red Light Camera bans forcefully enough to the group. The NTU crowd Friday should be a better audience for the Red Light Camera ban message.

It is hot and humid up here, but D.C. is full of energy, and fueled by your (ever increasing) tax dollars.

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