Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Road Trip!

COASTers departed today in a car pool for D.C. to attend the National Taxpayers Conference in Washington D.C. this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We left a little early to make some additional connections in our nation’s capital for COAST and maybe to have some fun. (Turns out the Reds are playing the Nationals while we are there, so we might catch a game or two.)

On the agenda are:
  • COAST General Counsel Chris Finney is speaking before the National Taxpayers Union conference on Friday as part of a panel discussion on Initiatives and Referenda. Following the COAST success (and the success of COAST’s WeDemand partners) in defeating the 2007 SuperSized Jail Tax, and against Red Light Cameras in 2008, COAST has been sought out by national groups fighting against oppressive government.
  • COASTers will present on Wednesday AM before the Americans for Tax Reform regular weekly Wednesday session attended by more than 100 leaders on Capitol Hill.
  • On Thursday AM, COASTers are having a personal breakfast with Grover Norquist and Sandra Fabry of ATR to discuss closer cooperation between the two groups.
  • COASTers have a variety of other meetings with national leaders in the movement towards more limited government.
We will report on our progress and experiences from the road. We will try to stay out of trouble in the City that specializes in making trouble for the rest of America.

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