Thursday, June 11, 2009

Road Trip: Capitol Networking

We had a fruitful breakfast today with Grover Norquist, Sandra Fabry and Nathan Pick of Americans for Tax Reform. They were extraordinarily generous with their time, giving us nearly three hours to learn the ropes of the movement for limited government. All three are amazing, but Grover is a brilliant guy, and can articulate the messages and roadmap to effective leadership so well, it is a joy to hear him speak. Just a joy. They gave us loads of good information to take our COAST message state-wide. For lunch, we met with a powerful Washington attorney who has helped with our local legal fights and discussed strategy on a number of constitutional cases.

Now, we head to the NTU opening night Cocktail Party, and speeches by Rep. Tom Price, Senator Jim DeMint and Representative Marsha Blackburn. There is lots and lots of energy in the movement for limited government in D.C.

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