Tuesday, June 23, 2009

School Board Candidate Discourages Levy

This statement was delivered by School Board Candidate John Banner before yesterday's school board meeting.
"I urge this Board not to place the planned renewal levy on this November's ballot. To do so now would guarantee its defeat in the absence of demonstrated cost-cutting measures by the District. Revenues are in a free fall for state and local gevernments. A reduction in state aid to public schools in Ohio is not out of the realm of possibility.

To avoid layoffs fo certified personnel, reduced programs, and salary cuts, you must act now to demonstrate your responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Therefore, I am proposing that the following be considered for implementation:
  • An immediate salary freeze for all non-certified personnel.
  • An immediate hiring freezr for all non-certified personnel.
  • A promise of firm, but fair, contract negotiations with the CFT to reflect current economic realities.
  • A revisiting of retirement inentives for teachers with 25 years or more of service, which would permit the employment of beginning teachers hired at significant savings to the District.
  • Implementation of cost-cutting measures at every service level in the District."
Asking the taxpayers to vote for a renewal levy a year ahead of time is inappropriate and ill-advised in the absence of demonstrated cost-cutting measures by the District. The taxpayes of the District appreciate your consideration of these points and your continued dedication to our students.
-John Banner, Candidate for School Board

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