Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Streetcar schedule is "in"

COAST's public records request has yielded the project schedule form the City.  It already has been blown, repeatedly.  Can you say: "behind schedule and over-budget?"  Get ready.

Here it is.


  1. The only people to blame for the delays are yourselves. Really, how stupid are you?

    Two ballot initiatives have forced this project to be slowed down. BOTH initiatives were soundly defeated at the polls.

    Just a reminder: You LOST twice.

    Gov. Kasich repealed some money from the project, despite it being the highest rated in the state. That caused delays and Ohio taxpayers saw that money go - not back to them - but to OTHER CITIES.

    Quit trying to spin shit your way and own up to your defeat. Spineless Coasters.

  2. Not sure how we ever "slowed down" the project. There has never been a legal impediment impairing the City from spending its own money.

    You elect whackos, they have the purse strings. Spend away!

  3. "Not sure how we ever "slowed down" the project."

    See Above:
    - 2 Ballot Initiatives that would've forced the city to stop the project if passed (which they didnn't).
    - Lobbying the Gov. to retract streetcar funds.

    And now you're trying to impede it yet again by another Finney lawsuit so he can line his pockets.

    The only whacko on Council is Smitherman. How conveniently of COAST to forget his checkered past and miserable first Council term.

    At least you have Gov. Kasich who seems ripe for a second term given the great success that is SB5.

  4. The City had every legal right to proceed notwithstanding the ballot issues.

    Finney's client has no standing unless the City violates the law and the Solicitor refuses to act. If Finney's suits are frivolous, then why are they so successful?

    And what, pray tell, did Smitherman do to have a "checkered past?" He is an ethical, moral, family man.

  5. Cincinnati has been free to break ground any time they want. Not only haven't they done that, but they haven't even squared away the issue of how to pay for tens of millions it will cost to move the various utilities.

    Mallory previously told us construction would be well under way by November 2011. So much for that. They can't even figure out how to pay for it.

  6. It is clear nobody at your organization knows how to read a Gantt chart.

  7. ^Yeah that first block showing zero percent completion on all primary milestones (over half of which were scheduled to be complete by now) is open to all sorts of interpretations [sarcasm].

    Even though vehicle procurement is currently the critical path activity, it only takes a 10% slippage in utility relocation design or construction to make those activity critical, delaying all others. Of course that can't happen because the City has its act totally together on utilities [more sarcasm].


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