Tuesday, January 17, 2012

COAST attorney Chris Finney is on with Brian Thomas tomorrow at 7 AM discussing the Jean Schmidt ethics scandal

COAST attorney Chris Finney, who is also representing David Krikorian in his many legal battles with Jean Schmidt, is appearing tomorrow morning at 7 AM with Brian Thomas on WKRC radio, 550 on the AM dial. Read more here.

Listen in!


  1. Under the tutelage of Chris Finney, it's hard to imagine a congressman Wenstrup any less corrupt than Schmidt.

  2. ^^
    That from a Laure Quinlivin supporter.

  3. Imagine if Jean Schmidt and I were able to split our combined weight. Then we'd both look normal, kind of.

  4. I worked at a Panera Bread where Jean Schmidt was a regular. I never had her as a customer, but there were nothing but horror stories about her.

    Where did the good ol COAST boys stand when she ran initially? Certainly you didn't support the *gasp* Democrat, did you?


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