Friday, January 6, 2012

Smitherman proposes ethics training for Council and staff

In 2003, City voters adoped Article XIII, Section 3 of the City Charter outlawing the use of City monies to aid campaigns for candidates and issues on the ballot. 

It seems like a pretty simple concept to COAST, yet year after year, w find our tax monies being diverted to aid campaigns.

COAST has sued over this over and over.  In 2008, we caught City bureaucrats using the lobby and front stairs of the City to support a school levy.  In 2011, we caught Laure Quinlivan red-handed using her staff and computers to run her City Council campaign.

So, this week Council member Christopher Smitherman proposed ethics training for members of Council and their staffs, presumably including training regarding the restrictions of Article XIII, Section 3.

COAST thinks that Smitherman fellow has a good idea! 

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