Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Streetcar groundbreaking delayed yet again

The "imminent" groundbreaking for Cincinnati's Streetcar has been repeatedly announced several times, but it never happens.  Scheduling documents from the City show that work was supposeed to have started in December, but has not.

What's the delay?  Could it be that the City has no plan to pay the tens of millions of dollars needed to pay for utility line relocation such as lines for MSD (sanitary sewers), Cincinnati Bell (phone and data lines), and Duke Energy (water, gas and chilled water lines)? 

Publicly, City fathers are claiming they are only waiting for a spot on Ray LaHood's schedule.  Um huh.  We will see.

If construction actually starts in January or February, you can count on massive cost overruns for utility relocation costs, as the City simply has not yet begun to deal with this issue.  They are self-deluded if they think the project will be on budget. Or, more likely, they are intentionally misleading Cincinnati voters and taxpayers.


  1. What's the delay? Are you kidding me!?

    First things first: A definitive date for a groundbreaking ceremony has never been announced to the public or media.

    Second, Kasich's removal of state funds for the best ranked infrastructure project in the state caused the project to be set back. In turn, the streetcar was delayed - the state revoked money promised to the streetcar which in turn went back to Washington and to other states saving taxpayer's nothing.

    Third, work was supposed to start in December. Why was it delayed? Because the city had to defeat the SECOND ballot initiative brought forward by the fringe group known as COAST. After that was soundly defeated (reminder: you lost TWICE), the wheels were back in motion.

    Fourth, Monzel can politick all he wants. The fact of the matter is that this project is happening. It is in his best interest to approve the utility relocation and sewer upgrades during streetcar construction as this will be the most cost effective time. Instead, he won't and he'll have to do it later when the streetcar is already built. This will cost even more. However, you guys are only "fiscal conservatives" when it's convenient. Just like how your boy Smitherclown is conveniently now a "Catholic."

    More pathetic lies from COAST who is trying to cling to anything in belief they can stop a project that they've failed numerous times to prevent.

    You lost, get over it.

  2. We accept the votes on the two proposed Charter amendments; you need to accept the will of the Governor and the State Legislature, and then we all can move forward.

    City politicians will spend gobs of money form City taxpayers and drive more residents and workers from the City.

    You elect whackos, you get what you voted for.

    Just don't try to shift the costs onto the residents of the state and County, which is what Mallory is trying to do. Ain't working.

  3. Quit acting like the costs were "shifted," which is not at all what Mallory has done.

    The state money Kasich rescinded was awarded to the streetcar via federal grants that the state was allowed to distribute. The streetcar was the highest rated project. In Kasich's angst, he repealled those from the streetcar project. In turn, they didn't go to another Ohio project or back to the taxpayers, they were originally federal grants that will go to other cities. Instead of investing in Ohio, those tax dollars will now be invested in other states. We saved nothing.

    In terms of the county, stop pretending to throw Monzel a pity party. The MSD OWNED sewers which the county must pay to maintain are in need of upkeep. The streetcar, which you now admit you failed two times to stop, is coming whether you like it or not. The most opportune time to do work on those county owned sewers will be when the roads are in the streetcar construction zone. Instead of just saving money and pitching in - Monzel will play politics. He says he won't help the streetcar and by doing this, he isn't. However, the streetcar will be built anyways and the sewers will continue to deteriorate underneath it. Eventually the county will have to pay to fix them. When they do, they will have missed their chance and now will have to tear up the roads - AGAIN - and spend even more money because of the streetcar being there.

    Get with it COAST. We understand you don't support or like the project, but the sewers need work - why not do it while the hole is already dug instead of covering them back up and paying MORE TAX DOLLARS to do it again later.


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